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Simply Stories Podcast

Nov 29, 2019

Today, we are kicking off a series that focuses on what we in the Church know as Advent. Now technically, Advent does not start until this Sunday, but I wanted to take an opportunity to put this episode out as a call to worship, so to speak. It does explain a little bit about what Advent is, but more than anything, you are going to hear people, who love each other and the Lord VERY much, talk about why Jesus coming at Christmas matters deeply to them. And actually that’s what the whole series is. You‘re going to hear me and some of my people talk about why God invading the broken world with the gift of His Son matters so much to us. In addition to that, thanks to ZonderKidz, we’re going to read my absolute favorite version of the Christmas Story for you, which is from Sally Lloyd Jones’ Jesus Storybook Bible at the beginning of each episode. Something about hearing it from the heart meant for children, awakens a beautiful longing in me to recall the gift that keeps giving at Christmas. 

So these episodes will be unique from our typical format, but I am so weepy, at how sweet this experience has been, and I just hope it blesses you wherever you are this holiday season. 

So, as we start here at the beginning, we’re going to start with somebody incredibly special to me, and that’s my Dad. Its my Dad who is reading this story over us in all the episodes, but as we were together working on this, I just had a burning question inside of me and that was “what’s your favorite part of the Christmas story, Dad?” and from there, came a conversation I will never forget with a man who has loved the Lord all of his life, not perfectly, but with perseverance that often in these days makes no sense to me, until you hear Him talk about the Lord. Then, at the end, he says a blessing over all of us for this Advent season. Ever since I was a child I treasured hearing my Dad pray over me, or over anyone, and I wanted to share that gift with you and to be able to go back and hear it again and again, year after year. And so, here it is. Let’s start at the beginning of this story, that as Daddy says, is a story so ridiculous only God could come up with it. And yet, its true. 


-Annie F. Downs - Remember God

-Shepherds who watched over Passover lambs and the tower at Midgal Eder. :: I found out more about these special shepherds! This article is fascinating. 

-”Aint No Grave”- Bethel 

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