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Simply Stories Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

I am so delighted to share with you my conversation with author, Christian communicator and teacher Wendy Speake. In this episode, she shares with me her journey of God calling her into a life of using her words for His glory and honing her craft as a storyteller, God meeting her as she mothers her 4 boys, rubbing elbows with others in the trenches, and it is such an encouraging word.

Wendy is passionate about God’s word and encouraging others to learn how to engage it and identify what keeps them tripped up and triggered in their relationship with Him, His word, and with other people. She pushes us to ask ourselves HARD question such as: How do we respond when we fail? How do we grow to be more like Christ so we get triggered and tripped up less? How do take our triggers to the lamplight of God’s word and how do we do right when “they”- whoever they is in our life- do wrong? A lot of these questions she offers in the context of parenting, but isn’t that a call for all relationships? We cannot control anyone’s actions or reactions towards us, but we can step into the process of God sanctifying our own story, and see where He is calling us to grow, and what our triggers are so that we can heal and grow and become more like the parents, spouses, friends, and neighbors God made us to be. 

We’ll talk about fasting and how Wendy has found in her own journey that fasting from various things in her Instead of moving from high to high, sugar, social media, shopping, whatever it is that is tripping us up and that we chose to reach for so we can cope with what’s happening in our life, the process of fasting can point to the Most High God and offer opportunity to feast on His word. 

Friends, I hope you walk away from this conversation encouraged and open to the invitation to engage God’s word so that you can find nourishment and healing. No matter where you are in your relationship with Him, or His word or His church, He is always present and near to us.

No matter where you are in your story friend, the Lord is with you. Closer than you even realize. Ask Him to make Himself known to you, because you matter to Him, and your story matters. 

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