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Simply Stories Podcast

Sep 10, 2020

Y’all are in for such a treat because today I am chatting with the fiery and fabulous Tiffany Bluhm. Tiffany has worked in various ministry roles for a long time. She’s been a pastor, working in local and global outreach, with victims of human trafficking, the homeless population, and those who are incarcerated. These days, Tiffany is a podcaster, speaker, writer, and author who passionately loves the Lord and encouraging others, especially women, to step up and take their place wherever and however they’ve been gifted. 

This episode covers so much ground. We talk about everything from how to practically think through a calling or a passion you don’t quite know what to do with, facing the dark parts of your story, racial reconciliation, unpacking the concept of de-centering, and processing how 2020 may not be the dumpster fire we thought it was, but maybe it is the year of the Refiner’s Fire. 

As a woman of color, who grew up in a primarily white world, Tiffany shares how to be better neighbors to one another in the gift of our unique makeup, and humanizing other people’s experiences. Bridges are built when we listen to one another’s stories. While we are walking out this wild season, would we be willing to ask the Lord to search our hearts? Would we be willing to examine our hearts with the One who made it and ask where we maybe have allowed lies about ourselves, or our neighbors to affect how we interact in the world? Will we be willing to open our hands to see what the Lord may have for us in how He made us, and how He made for us to work together in His Kingdom? These are important questions that need honest examination from all of us, over and over again. 

I’ve put all the ways you can connect with Tiffany, her books, her podcast with Ash Abercrombie, and more in the show notes!


-Tiffany’s podcast with Ash Abercrombie Why Tho

-My episode with Ash Abercrombie

-Cordila Jochim - our episode (part 1 and 2) and connecting with Cor

-Traumatic brain injury and future casting


-Julia Child

-Ruby Bridges






-The #MeeToo movement

-De-Centering- “The person telling the story has the most power. To de-center is to look at another’s experience and realize that you do not play a key role in the story. You sit and humbly listen to their story without making the story about you.” (You can read more about this via Latasha Morrison’s Be the Bridge book and program)

-pass the mic campaign

-will we follow Him in the wilderness or will we try to hightail it back to Egypt (looking at their story in the book of Numbers)

Scripture References:

2 Timothy 1:6 / 1 Timothy 4:14 / 1 Corinthians 12-  The calling and gifting put inside you

John 10:10- Jesus came to give us life to the full

Jeremiah 29:11- For the plans I have for you

Psalm 37:4- Delight yourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart

Luke 10:27- Love the Lord with all your heart mind, soul, and strength

Matthew 7:15-20- You will know it by the fruit

Galatians 5:22-23-Fruits of the Spirit

Psalm 51:10- Create in me a clean heart, and restore a right spirit within me

Daniel 3:26-27 - you will not smell like smoke 

Hosea 2:14- lure her to the desert and speak tender to her there

Psalm 139:23-24- search me and know my heart; if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting

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Tiffany’s books, Bible studies

Prey Tell: Why we silence women who tell the truth (Comes out in March 2021)

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