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Simply Stories Podcast

Jan 7, 2021

Friends, it's wild to bring this episode to you today, because my guest Dr. Bryan Litfin and I recorded it months ago, but I was certain, even then, that it would need to be released today. When I was working on it, I knew it was timely, but today, as I bring it to you, I am so sure we need to talk about where we’ve been to speak to where we are. Dr. Bryan is a specialist in Church history. He’s a theologian, a professor at Moody Bible Institute, as well as an editor and copywriter for Moody Publishers, AND he’s an author of some scholarly non-fiction books as well as historical fiction books. The history of the Church as a follower of Christ, is our family legacy and it has informed our present and has much to teach us, warn us, and encourage us. Especially today when there are people who have chosen to wave the banner of Christ over their own agenda. When we look back on what has happened, not just in scripture, but for hundreds of years after until present day, we see the activity of God, the preservation of His Church, and the sin, the attempted destruction, the repentance, the renewal and restoration of His people over and over and over again. Not because of them, but because of the power of Christ and the Light of the Gospel inside of them.