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Simply Stories Podcast

Mar 4, 2021

Today I get to share my conversation with the absolutely delightful Eryn Eddy. Eryn is a speaker, an author, a professional encourager, and  is also the founder of So Worth Loving, which is a fashion brand and also an online community whose mission is to remind people of their value, and that they are indeed so worth loving! Eryn recently released her first book So Worth Loving: How Discovering Your True Value Changes Everything, and it is a beautiful book that shares Eryn’s story of living through her broken heart after divorce, wrestling with God and in the process experiencing getting to know who He really is and his overwhelming and restorative love for her. 

We talk about the struggle of quick fixes, instant gratification, satisfying legitimate needs illegitimately in different seasons ranging from rock bottom, to the places where we hide at the top. It all comes down to asking ourselves questions like: are we living a life that was not what you wanted for your life? Do you believe that you are loved by the Lord? What is it that you are seeking for it to define you life? Maybe there are places in your life where you feel so broken and depleted from this wilderness season, and you need spiritual intervention to even begin to pursue wholeness? I love how Eryn says: “The beauty in the breakdown was finally seeing that the life I was living was a lie, and I had the opportunity to put things back together with Truth.”

Ultimately, no matter how far our hearts wander, we are ultimately still seeking Him, and the life that can only be found in Him, whether we realize it or not. And guess what? No matter what, it is always a life available to you because the truth is: you are so worth loving. When you can come to a place of believing this, not because of what you’d done or haven’t done, but simply because the Lord wants you? That’s a life changer. That’s how much you matter. And your story matters. You’re so worth loving.

PS:  I serendipitously got to be the one who showed Eryn the physical copy of her book for the first time, and I’m so honored, but also don’t mind our excited freak out mid conversation. Glory :)

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