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Simply Stories Podcast

Mar 11, 2021

Today on the podcast I am chatting with the wonderful and beloved fiction novelist, Suzanne Woods Fisher. Suzanne is such a kind and genuine person, and she has a passion for getting to the heart of those who may be misunderstood, and parts of history that may not get as much press. During our conversation, she shares her story of how she came into the writing world to become the beloved author of many (as in over THIRTY) books, as well as what draws her into a story.

Her most recent book The Moonlight School shares a fictionalized account of the formidable Cora Wilson Stewart, who launched a grassroots movement to help those who didn’t have easy access to education and to combat illiteracy. The story is incredible, the book itself is such a fascinating read, and it just feels right for this episode to land right in the middle of Women’s History Month! 

Suzanne is most well known for her many Amish fiction books, and she shared with me how her heart for story intersected with her family as Grandfather was “raised plain.” He lived in an German Baptist community (a cousin of the Amish tradition, if you will,) where Suzanne was given accessibility to the people and strives to take readers “beyond the bonnets, beards and buggies.” She also provides some interesting insight into why people may be so drawn to stories of Amish in the fiction world, or to their way of living and simple faith that is much stronger than it may appear. 

Be sure and follow her, and pick up a copy of her beautiful book The Moonlight School, and find ways to listen to our conversation below. 

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Connecting with Suzanne:

Her books

Her most recent book: The Moonlight School 





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Scripture References:

Acts 2:42-47-The original design of the church was communal

Jeremiah 29:11 / Ephesians 4:1 / Matthew 25:21- God has uniquely equipped you to engage what’s in front of you

Psalm 139:14- You are uniquely and wonderfully made 

Psalm 107:2- Your story matters, why not share it?

Isaiah 40:6-8 / Isaiah 55:11 -  God’s Word changes lives forever

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