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Simply Stories Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my conversation with the remarkable Linda Evans Shepherd. Linda is an award winning author, and speaker, and she’s one fierce prayer warrior and the word of God just flows out of her in the most beautiful way. Linda has been through several Job like seasons in her life which have brought her to her knees during some dark nights of the soul. In those seasons, Linda was asking God a lot of the questions many of us have been asking during this insane year:  Where is He? Does He love me? Does He care about me? She shares with us what she has learned about the power of prayer from her own experiences, and she goes deep and wide in how the Lord can and will meet us where we are because He met her too. 

Her most recent book is called Praying through Every Emotion and that's exactly what it is. It's a book comprised of prayers that speak directly to the heart of the matter, no matter where they fall on the emotional spectrum. The everyday ones like joy, sadness, anger, annoyance, etc. all the way to the hard ones like bitterness, depression or suicidal ideation. This conversation was just so powerful because Linda’s story is powerful, and the activity of God in her life is powerful. But she also shares how accessible God is to ANYONE. If you need some breath in your deflated faith, or a reminder of how to pray, or just a powerful word spoken over your day, this episode is for you. 

There is something about spending time with some\one who has been to hell and back and their love for Jesus and their walk with them has only deepened that just feels like balm to a weary soul. I cannot suggest her book enough, it's a beautiful tool for such a time as this. Listen, friend. No matter where you are today, I want you to know that this is not how the story ends. There is still hope. God is still moving, He is still faithful, no matter how dark it feels. Don’t give up. You matter. Your story matters. 

Connecting with Linda:





*Linda’s special offer of extra prayers that didn’t make it into her book!!

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Scripture References:

The book of Job- his losses, his wife says to curse God and die, his friends mock Him

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Lamentations 3:21-23- God is faithful  (and a ton more!)

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Praying the Living Word to a Living God

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Praying Through Every Emotion

Co-dependency is an addiction

Andrew Murray prayer- Moody Bible Institute “more Holy Spirit” 

“God of my end” - Puritan prayers 

Roseanna M. White books where the characters pray this prayer (also 3 of my favorite Christian fiction books EVER)

The Autobiography of George Mueller 

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