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Simply Stories Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

On the podcast today I’m chatting with award winning and much beloved author Lynette Eason. Lynette has written over 50 books and her most recent book Collateral Damage is a heart stopping suspense story set in the war in Afghanistan as well as the aftermath of coming home. Lynette portrays real Gospel truths within the pages of entertaining stories. She opens a pathway for great conversation about topics that are difficult to discuss whether you believe in God or not: PTSD, trauma, and the need for help when life is hard. Life is hard in varying degrees to every hear,t everywhere, and it matters and it is good and healthy and God honoring to seek help. No matter how firm your faith, there are things in this world that are hard and broken, and stories like what Lynette writes, display characters that battle things just like us. 

In that same vein, she crafts characters that display how God uses our strengths as women uniquely and intentionally, whether that is in demanding roles like those in the military, and law enforcement, or in the trenches of walking out your writing calling and Motherhood. Lynette also shares with me her story of how she got started, pressing through rejected manuscripts and I think that’s so important for those of us who are working in the economy of obedience. If it’s what the Lord has called you to, He will make it known. He makes a way where it feels like there is no way. 

If you want to check out how to connect with Lynette, find ways to purchase her books, or to treasure hunt for a topic that that we allude to in our conversation  that’s a huge part of Collateral Damage check out the links below:



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**The next book in “Danger Never Sleeps” series that Collateral Damage begins is already available for pre-order! Find that here!

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Psychology Today is a great place to find therapists and their profiles. Open Path Collective has options for sliding scale therapists.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 43:16-19: He makes a way where there is no way
John 11 (11:35): Jesus wept

John 16:33: In this world you will have trouble

2 Corinthians 4:8-10: We are oppressed, but not abandoned 

Hebrews 10:23: Hold unswervingly 

Psalm 34:18: He is close to the broken hearted

Connecting with Lynette:






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