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Simply Stories Podcast

Jul 16, 2020

Today on the podcast I have the fabulous Bethany Turner back for round 2!!! Bethany was one of my very first guests early in the season (episode 7, to be exact) and we got to talk about how she writes books that provide a space for pop culture and hard topics and faith to intersect with a lot of humor and heart. Bethany and I have bonded in a friendship solidified by a love for the Lord, stories and 90’s pop culture. So today, you get a little bit of all those things! 

In the first half of this episode, we talk about what it's been like to be creative with how we enjoy movies and books and what not, and how we engage our creativity differently. You’ll also hear us talk about her latest book Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish, and actually we had this conversation on Hadley’s book birthday which was fun to celebrate that with her. Then, thanks to some of her readers’ question submissions, I also got a chance to get to put Bethany in the “Renowned” hot seat (for all those #hadbeck readers out there!) to hear more of Bethany’s story as an author as well as her miraculous survival story of ovarian cancer. 

Then, in the second half of the episode, Bethany and I lay out our love for all things 90’s movies and television. I laughed SO HARD during this episode and it was just the kind of levity that I need during such a crazy season of time and we hope you get to enjoy that as well and maybe even pad your movie and tv viewing list as the Pandemic stretches on. There’s a lot of heart, there’s a lot of fun, and it's a good day to hang out with BT and me on Simply Stories. Thanks in advance for hanging out and laughing with us! 

For the record, you can find everything we mention in this episode (all the books, all the movie references, all of it) in the show notes as well as how to keep connected with Bethany! This will definitely go down as the longest set of show notes in the history of the podcast, but WORTH. IT. I may have also snuck in some additional content in there, so happy hunting! 



-Original episode with Bethany (episode #7!)

-The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck, Wooing Cadie McCaffrey, Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish

-article on straight to streaming because of Trolls, AMC won’t do Paramount movies

-Lori Beth of Elevating Motherhood’s post

-Food Network

-The Pioneer Woman

-Gordon Ramsay

-Damaris Phillips

-”Beat Bobby Flay” 

-Joanna Gaines

-Dolly Parton 

-Nashville, TN - Howdy, y’all ;) 

-Vanderbilt announcement about funding vaccine research, thanks, Dolly 

-Pancake Pantry

-Inside the Actor’s Studio

-Robin Leach - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous clip to hear his voice

-James Lipton

-Susie Finkbeiner -- stay tuned to hear her episode here next week! :) We love ya, Susie!

-”Out of Africa” 

-”Save the Last Dance” Keri Washington (yes THAT Keri Washington)

-Ovarian Cancer

-His Kids Company placemat 

-Blockbuster (MAY IT RIP!!!!)

-Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game


Our Crazy Pants 90’s Movie and TV List  of References: 

-”Independence Day” - Bill Pullman’s speech (Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, Harry Connick Jr.

-”Dave”, (Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver) “Air Force One,” (Harrison Ford) “The American President (Martin Sheen, Michael J. Fox, Michael Douglas, Anna Deavere Smith (who ironically is in Dave, American President AND the West Wing), Annette Benning 

-”He’s got the power cause he’s in the shower” scene, “Oh no, poor Joe” scene with Anna Deavere Smith! Also… the magic trick moment is hands down one of my favorite other parts. 

- THE speech from the American President 

- “The West Wing”

-Aaron Sorkin

-”Shawshank Redemption” - Some of our favorite scenes: One, two, three, and four)

-Morgan Freeman -- THIS IS EPIC, such an interesting and FUNNY interview with Morgan Freeman about Shawshank

-Liam Neeson

-James Earl Jones 

-”Field of Dreams” 

-”Titanic (“Nearer my God to Thee” scene, Victor Garber’s “I wish I’d built you a stronger ship”), Kathy Bates as Molly Brown, Tyne Daly)

- “Christy” 

-Tim Daly

-Tom Hanks 

-(Kirk from Gilmore Girls) - Sean Gunn

-Bonnie Hunt

-”Madame Secretary

-”Bye Bye Birdie” TV movie (Jason Alexander, Vanessa Williams)

-”Dance With Me”

-Christine Ebersole 

-”You’ve Got Mail” 

-”Sleepless in Seattle

-”Joe Verses the Volcano”

-Rosie O’Donnell in “Sleepless in Seattle”

- “Return to Me” (Minnie Driver, NOT Tim Daly,actually David Duchovny) I sadly couldn’t find the “Grace has Bob’s dead wife’s heart” scene on video but this trailer shows a lot of my other favorite moments!! -- annnd that’s technically from the year 2000. Whoops lol.

-”The Cutting Edge” 

-”Nell” (Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson and Jodie Foster)

-”Sliding Doors” (Gwyneth Paltrow

-”Guarding Tess” (Nicholas Cage, Shirley McLane)

-”Regarding Henry” (Harrison Ford) -- the guy who plays his nurse is named Bill Nunn! See his link below

-”Sister Act” - Bill Nunn

- “Home Alone” - (Catherine O’Hara)

- “Groundhog Day”

- “I Got You, Babe”- Sonny and Cher (scene for context

-”Cool Runnings” (“feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme”)

- “Renaissance Man” (Danny Devito, Gregory Hines, Mark Wahlberg) -- my two favorite scenes from this movie : one and two

- “Tap” (GAH this movie is amazing, (here’s one of my favorite scenes) but its from the 80’s so it didn’t get discussed!) 

- “While You Were Sleeping” 

-”Dead Poets Society” 

-”School Tides”


-”Mr. Holland’s Opus” (Richard Dreyfuss

-”Forrest Gump” (Gary Sinse, Robin Wright

-”Mrs. Doubtfire” (the “Matchmaker” scene and Robin Williams’ “helloooooo”)

-”Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” (Sean Connery as King Richard, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater))

-”First Knight” 

-”The Preacher’s Wife” (also, can we talk about this soundtrack!?)


-”Benny and Joon

-”The Green Mile

-”The Nightmare Before Christmas


-”Tommy Boy

-”Pretty Woman

-”Notting Hill”


-”Romeo and Juliet

-”The Sandlot


-”The Fifth Element”

-”Schindler’s List”

-”Fight Club

-”Rookie of the Year



-”10 Things I Hate About You”


-”Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


-”Saved by the Bell

-”Buffy the Vampire Slayer

-”Quantum Leap



-”My So Called Life

-”Stark Trek: Deep Space 9

-”Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

-”Caroline in the City

-”Step by Step” 

-”Family Matters

-”Mad About You”

-”Murphy Brown”

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