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Simply Stories Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

On today’s episode I am chatting with a woman who wears many hats, Cindy Sproles. Cindy is an author, an editor, a ministry director, and does all of it with a faith as big as the mountain she calls home. As the faith stretching process of 2020 continues, this conversation felt like a drink of water in the wilderness. Cindy shares with us how the Lord has deepened her faith as she has worked in ministry and watched Him provide over and over again, and it was such a rich experience for me to remind me that the same God who has moved miraculously before still does just that.

Cindy’s most recent fiction work is called What Momma Left Behind takes place in the rural Appalachian Mountains which is an area near and dear to both of us, and you guys will get a kick out of how much my East Tennessee accent comes out in this episode. We talk a lot about the history and the heart of mountain people as well as the heart of her book’s story, which is actually adoption. Cindy’s powerful story shares what it was like for disease to run rampant on the mountain, which is wild because she had no idea this book was going to come out during a global pandemic, and then what happened to the children that were left behind before there were options like formal adoptions and orphanages. And while we have more systems in place now, there are so many children that are still longing to be loved and wait to be adopted.

Cindy is such a firecracker. She reminds me so much of the people I grew up around, and I just love it. Listen, friend, if you have a heart that has maybe been stirred by the concept of adoption or fostering, I’m putting some links in the show notes just for you! OR if you are interested in how you can partner with some of the other organizations mentioned in this episode like ASP, or even how to connect with Cindy as a writer, and faith encourager, I’ve put all that connection information in the show notes.


Christian Devotions Ministry

Lighthouse Publishing

Blue Ridge Christian Writers’ Conference

Asheville Christian Writers’ Conference


Writing with Grace

The Autobiography of George Mueller

Her book What Momma Left Behind


Pigeon Forge


Snapping and canning green beans 



Moonshine still

Fonde, KY -- This happens to be a project my sister worked on that shares the history of Fonde

Appalachian Service Project - ASP

Nashville Tornado

Cumberland Gap

Portwine Birthmark

Christy by Catherine Marshall

More information about telephones in the Smokeys

The Orphan Train

The Hope of Azure Springs - Rachel Fordham

My conversation with Rachel Fordham on adoption and foster parenting

Adoption and Foster Care resources

Scripture References:

John 2:1-11- Cupbearers who carry the water turned into wine

Psalm 23- The Lord is my shepherd

Luke 11:1-4- The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 25:14-30- To him much is given much is required

1 Corinthians 12:12-31- The body of Christ is diverse

Psalm 121:2-4- My help comes from the Lord

Psalm 28:7- The Lord is my strength and my shield

Psalm 18:2- The Lord is my fortress

Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Luke 2:41-52- Mary and Joseph lost Jesus

John 10:10- Jesus came that we would have life and life to the full

Ephesians 1:5- We are adopted into the family of God

Romans 8:17 Adopted into His heirship

Ezekiel 36:26- a new heart and a new spirit

Psalm 51:10-19-Create in me a clean heart

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