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Simply Stories Podcast

Nov 19, 2020

Today I am chatting with a brand new author, Amanda Cox  who wrote one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, The Edge of Belonging. Amanda is a wife, and a Mom, with years of walking in ministry and counseling under her belt. In the last few years of her life as she stepped into her Motherhood role and pulled back from other things, she began to wrestle with who she was, and where she belonged. She, like many of us, best processes her relationship with God through her writing and as she poured her heart out onto the page stories began to emerge.

In this conversation we talk about what God did with those stories, the wild journey of how she ultimately got published, and how we find our identity in Christ alone. This is such an insightful conversation that I think really speaks to this global season of identity crisis and change, and can provide a sweet word of encouragement to those of us trying to take a grip with weary hands.

Everyone I know is trying to figure out a whole new sense of self in this extremely different world. But God has not changed. His call for us to go and tell His story and to live in our giftings, that hasn’t changed either. We belong to Him, and we are His children. That is a beautiful truth to cling to, and when we walk in light of it that’s where we can learn to believe it. 

I hope you guys will connect with Amanda and PLEASE do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Edge of Belonging and give it as a gift to anyone and everyone. It's such a fantastic story, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

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Scripture References:

1 John 4:4- You belong

Psalm 139:14 / 1 Peter 4:10-11 He made you to do these things uniquely and your voice matters

John 3:30 -Your purpose isn't to glorify yourself, its to glorify God

Psalm 115:1- Abiding with Christ

Hebrews 12:1- Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses

How the Church began in the book of Acts

Ephesians 5: How do we speak life to one another

Proverbs 31

Philippians 2:17- Pour yourself out like a drink offering

Psalm 119:133-Order our steps in Your Word

Matthew 6:11-Give us this day our daily bread

James 1:17-Every perfect gift is from above

1 Corinthians 12- Types of spiritual gifts

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Isaiah 6:8- Here I am, Lord

John 16:33-In this world you will have trouble

John 15:5- Apart from Me you can do nothing

Zephaniah 3:17- He will quiet you with His love

Mark 4:35-41- He can calm the storm

Ruth 4:18-22/Matthew 1:5- Boaz is Rahab’s son

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