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Simply Stories Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

Today I’m talking with Beth White, who is a historical fiction author, but not only that, Beth is a southern woman, a music teacher in a high school in the inner city of Mobile, Alabama with a heart to share the South’s complicated history, elevate often untold stories, and shine a light on much of what has not been popular in history books, and ultimately to remind readers that hope was real then and it still is now. 

We are living in a time that is full to the brim with feelings on fire, and today’s episode is yet another moment in the story of this podcast where the Lord made it clear to me: “this person, this story, this moment.” Beth’s most recent book, Reckless Love is the 3rd book in her Daughtry House trilogy that is the story of three sisters trying to put their lives back together during Reconstruction, which is the period following the Civil War. That period of time was also a time full of feelings on fire, and honestly, there are pages from these books, that carry conversations, even though they are fictional, that echo real conversations from that period of time, and from my current social media feeds. 

I have also learned lately, that MANY people in this country have very little knowledge about Black history in America beyond some key talking points. It’s so important, friends, that we dive deep, and I’m so grateful for authors like Beth who are willing to share history, even if it's woven around a fictional story. When we know the story of a person, how it laid a foundation for the present positively and negatively, it can help us develop empathy and understanding. And sometimes, using fictional characters, not unlike how Jesus used parables in the Bible, we can navigate hard and murky waters by walking through a characters’ shoes so we can then fix our eyes on our own hearts.

Beloved, we are the body of Christ, and a part of the body is suffering. It is our call to tend to it, because when one part suffers, we all suffer. (1 Corinthians 12:24-26). You know that every week, I tell you that you and your story matter, because they do. In this moment, our beautiful Black brothers and sisters need to hear from us that they matter. Does it mean anyone else matters less? No, it absolutely does not. We all need each other, but it takes work to tend to one another, especially when a part has been neglected for far too long. Let’s consider the Apostle Paul’s call to do the work. And what does that look like? Ask the Lord. He is the Great Physician. Find ways to hear this episode, connect with Beth, and connect with resources about diving in to the work of racial reconciliation at the link in bio. 


Shape notes

Francine Rivers

Catherine Marshall

Robin Jones Gunn

Romance Writers of America



The Civil War

The Holocaust

Jim Crow

Freedmen militia

Beth’s Gulf Coast Series

Valerie Luesse’s book The Key to Everything

Chris and Dorena Williamson and their church Strong Tower Bible Church


My Simply Stories episode with Dorena part 1 and part 2

More to the story markers about broadening the narrative, “Fuller Story”

Reconstruction Era - Dec 8, 1863 – Mar 31, 1877

13th amendment- Abolished slavery

Emancipation Proclamation

The Great Migration

Ku Klux Klan


Indentured Servitude


Fisk University and the Jubliee Singers

Tamera Alexander

Freedmen’s Bureau

Freedman Schools

Belle Meade Plantation

Carnton Plantation

Belmont Mansion

List of African American political office holders during Reconstruction / Hiram Rhodes Revels was the very first African American to hold an office in the Senate  in 1870

Democrats // Republican flipped at the time

1877 the first Jim Crow law was passed


South Pacific

Flight Nursing

My list of resources for how to learn and listen from leaders in the Black community

Latasha Morrison // her quote 

Be the Bridge

Scripture References:

Romans 3:23- We all have sin and fall short of the glory of God

Romans 6:23-The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life

Acts 9: Road to Damascus

1 John 1:7- Live in the Light

Genesis 1:27- All people are made in the image of God

Romans 12:9-21-Learn to live in peace with one another and love one another 

Ephesians 6:12- We are not at war with flesh and blood

Luke 1:37-Nothing is impossible for God

John 10:10- the thief comes to steal, klil and destroy

Ephesians 6:10-18-The Armor of God

James 1:5- Seek wisdom from the Lord

Mark 2:17- The Great Physician

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