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Simply Stories Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

Welcome back to the Simply Stories Podcast! I’m thrilled to be back with new episodes and heading into season 4 with author and educator Danielle Hitchen of Catechesis Books. Danielle is passionate about sharing her love of church history and the tools we have at our fingertips by way of the church calendar in order to offer encouragement and connection with God and with one another in every season of life. She is the author of a series of baby believer primer books, and creates all kinds of content that help teach the tenets of the faith and helps us disciple our time, ourselves, and our families in our faith and with hope. 

Today Danielle shares with us what exactly catechesis is, where some of these practices come from, why liturgy can be such a gift, and how these patterns and practices of the early church can minister to us today. Now Danielle nor I want to add something to your already long to do list. These tools she has created and shared, and this conversation are simply opportunities to connect with the Lord and remind us of who He has always been. There is grace for all the seasons, Jesus Himself experienced all of the seasons, and we’re going to explore how to provide intentional opportunities to engage God uniquely where we are and maybe learn some things we didn’t know before which perhaps could breathe life into the ancient, but familiar. 

What a sweet way to start the new year, yeah? I know we’re surrounded by resolutions and gym membership flyers, but personally, I’ve just been trying to get out of bed, and remember what day it is. I love the grace and gentle invitation the church calendar offers us, as a way to connect with the ever-present always faithful God, and I love Danielle’s mission to help us find our place in whatever season we are in.

Friends, I’ve missed you. The Lord was so kind to me in my sabbatical, and I am full of anticipation about what God has been doing and curious to see what He does next. I’m so honored that you are here in it with me. Remember, friend. You matter, and your story matters. 

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-C.S. Lewis

-Joan of Arc

-The Protestant Reformation 

-Martin Luther

-We’ve talked about this a little bit on the podcast before! Check out episodes with Dr. Bryan Litfin (Part 2 also)

-The Apostle’s Creed

-The Nicene Creed

-The feast of Pentecost 

-The “church” was growing, book of Acts

-What William Tyndale did to allow access to scripture for others 

-Invention of the printing press

-The role of religious icons

-Kayla Craig’s episode, and the role of liturgy

-Liturgy for Parents

-A Long Obedience in the Same Direction- Eugene Peterson

-The Jesse Tree 

-Jesus Storybook Bible

-The story of Ruth 

-Candlemas- February 2nd

-Feast of the Annunciation- March 25th “Lady Day”

-”Lady Day” waffle day!

-To Light Their Way- Kayla Craig

-Every Moment Holy

-Feast of Saint Lucia 

-American Girl story with Kirsten celebrating Saint Lucia’s Day // Kirsten’s Surprise

-Saint Nicholas Day

Scripture References:

Psalm 24:1/Psalm 135:6-7-The Lord is sovereign over all 

Acts 1:9-12-Jesus ascended

Acts 2- the Holy Spirit came

Matthew 2:12--The Magi coming to Jesus

Matthew 3:13-17-The voice of God declares Jesus as His Son at His baptism 

Matthew 17-The transfiguration of Christ

Luke 2:52-Jesus grew in wisdom and stature with God and with men

Matthew 4:1-11-Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness

Matthew 26-28-Jesus’s death and resurrection

Ephesians 2:8-By God’s grace we are saved

Exodus 32-Another golden calf 

Luke 1-2-Luke and the Christmas story 

Luke 2:22-38-The story of Jesus in the temple meeting Simeon and Anna

Luke 1:26-38-Gabriel coming to Mary

Luke 1:46-55-The Magnificat

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